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Sponge bra harm? Sponge bra and silica gel which kind of good?
Date:2015/12/30 17:36:57     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

Some time ago, a "sponge bra how harm" and "silicone how health" posts, so that hundreds of millions of women suddenly find themselves deceived many years, let the underwear brand as if faced with a formidable enemy, wear sponge day not lead?! All kinds of fear filled the world! However, as one of the "victims" of sponge bra, but also disseminated design industry decades of professionals, dare not say industry authority, but is not the manufacturers of sponge pen, just really tempted, published some opinion evidence:

That point 1: wear sponge bra for half a year had breast cancer!

Half a year between eating and sleeping are wearing, it stands to reason that skin disease should also got a lot of it -- this is purely an extreme case, with a sponge or what materials without the slightest contact! If you know of breast carcinogenesis principle can be obtained: long term wearing a bra, ring compression breast leads to poor blood circulation due to hyperplasia of mammary glands, which can cause cancer.

Positive solution:

1, frequently change underwear: whether what material, non steel ring bra should not tied for a long time in the body, but the bra has used the term, daily wear, at least there should be five or more to wash, every half an year replacement time, because each structure of underwear after a long time of stretching, washing will aging and deformation, the real threat to breast health and is not wear sponge bra has nothing to do!

2, bra structure is the key: bra rather big not to small, in addition to food and mood problems. The third largest breast murderer is breast compression along the outside of the "structure", with or without rims, small structure will lead to the most intensive human lymph gland jam, blood flow is not smooth, can not suppress the problem to?!

PS: from the reform and opening up to today, the first time I heard of the sponge to death, and this set off the underwear revolution, how to look like people who do not mess the public opinion guide, please calm treatment!

That point 2: sponge not breathable, suffocated MiMi kinds of silica gel

Sponge is actually breathable, when the fire came, pouring water for help! Silica gel... Hot. Itchy and sweating, who cannot breathe is posing as a sponge pad or plastic bag pad!!

High quality requirements for underwear MM all know that a second tier brand bra must pass the national security in the use of sponge material quality inspection on the quality inspection items include formaldehyde, pH and so on multiple effects on the human body detection index, to fish in troubled waters in the industry as the company's production workshop I will not say, silicone rubber is a high active adsorption material, insoluble in water and any solvent, silica gel is a kind of silicone rubber, which belongs to the RTV-1 liquid rubber, regardless of the number of binding eyes, how are of no significance because the water Water Leakage, stomatal skin is more close, close to that part of the skin the air or not, through a period of time, astomatous places are still bored as a swelling and itching, mesh plastic shoes, through the MM can know, athlete's foot as looking for you, is this Truth!

Positive solution: bra history for thousands of years, the sponge is constantly evolving and upgrading, as the raw materials for Chinese and foreign women to use, and perhaps the future of new materials, but with a comprehensive substitute for silica is too unreliable, we still want to go to the conscience of companies to buy quality products. At the same time, to the friends of a few underwear suggested that the right to wear underwear will only protect you, will not hurt you!

1, the woman's wardrobe, at least 10 or more underwear, the daily replacement of clean underwear, coat, you will never wear a sweat to wear a day, not to mention underwear!

2, choose a good reputation, workmanship exquisite material brand, xiudai worthy of your trust. Small miscellaneous shops selling bra, or used with caution, it stands to reason that underwear than your house, you have your truth, a sub price goods, you know!

3, with a gentle underwear lotion to keep the ventilation dry

4, Wen Xiongning big not small don't do business line of the slaves, the goddess is leisurely Xianqi, not for suction eye and beauty, health and beauty coexist, the selection of the correct version is the best policy, thousands and thousands of bra, don't look beautiful on the buy, buy shoes the idea of wearing a bra, and that you are the wise woman

Bra is exotic, because our grandmother does not have the correct knowledge, our mothers how to wear underwear, our mother will not teach us what to wear underwear. But in this era of information explosion, we can know how to wear underwear, but also to find suitable for their own underwear.

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