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Silicone bra
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Silicone bra is invisible bra, because the invisible bra is made of silica gel. High quality silicone bra is generally better, inferior silicone bra has a great harm to the body. Now want to be a perfect woman, to look good, good temperament, good shape. Actually want to have exquisite lines, make a perfectly beautiful woman, in addition to pay attention to diet, exercise, fitting underwear is reached and slim, the key to keep in good shape can not be ignored. Many younger sister hope invisible bra can increase the height of a little chest, in fact, this idea is good, but now the general invisible bra is made of silica gel Oh, we need to understand some of the invisible bra.

1, wear C cup or more of MM best use of pure silicone invisible bra. Silica gel is mainly a full effect, the chest big MM first no longer need to plump effect, the more important reason is that the pure silica gel than cloth weight, put on after the chest will give a greater burden of MM.

2, serious sagging MM do not use invisible bra. Now the invisible bra for serious sagging MM basically no good way, unless the research and development of a revolutionary product.

3, invisible bra can not improve the shape of the chest. Invisible bra is not correct in shape, it is not adjustable underwear (thermal envy China's first brand of adjusting underwear), but its effects can also gather, external expansion of the MM some useful.

4, breast-feeding do not bring invisible bra. The reason is very simple, the bra cup which is coated with glue.

5, we must select the right cup, otherwise the result is more affected by futie. Some MM hope that the concentration effect is better, you can choose a little smaller size, but also the best choice of a shorter button.

Wear process of silicone bra:

1. Cleaning: first clean your chest, do not use emulsion, talcum powder or any skin care products, because it will affect the viscosity;

2 wear: first stand aside in front of the mirror, when wearing the outsidereverse cup, the cup placed in the appropriate position. Gently with fingertips smooth cup edge on the chest on the can with the breast under the marginal fit, and then repeat the same action on the other side, and high degree of consensus on both sides;

3: connect the front fastening ring, his hands tight according to the number of seconds to ensure that the fixed cup. Bra design for the cup beneath the thin point, so it does not cover the whole chest is normal;

4 skills: in order to look more plump, please put Bra in the chest a bit higher position, so as to bring out your chest, so that the chest becomes full of visible;

5. Adjust: if want to enhanced cleavage, please bra put away from some when the front buckle buckle and tighten your chest, create you want cleavage charming;

. solution: first solve chest hook buckle, gently the bra by down gradually pulled open, if pulled chest any residual viscosity, please gently with tissue paper to wipe.

Cleaning method of invisible silicone bra

1, by cleaning the cup on the palm, gently with water the wetting, and then use the neutral cleaning soap. At the same time, with the other hand gently cleaning the surface, do not use fingers.

2, with clear water will soap and residue gently rinse, and then gently dry the water after drying.

Invisible silicone bra use matters needing attention:

1, such as the viscosity of a foreign body, please use the fingers gently, don't use the towel to wipe; avoid wearing shed clothes.

2, please do not use a nail or brush when foreign body.

3, please do not use alcohol, bleach or detergent, just use warm water and soap. 4, please do not remove the adhesive

Invisible silicone bra can wear how long? This can be repeated use, pay attention to the feeling of discomfort immediately stop using.

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