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Silicone bra disadvantages wrong wearing silicone bra will become fierce cover"
Date:2015/12/30 17:48:08     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

What are the disadvantages of silicone bra? Not according to the actual situation on the judge is bullying. Silicone bra disadvantages, in fact, is related to personal physical and external conditions, and silicone bra is not related to the. At an inappropriate time, wearing a silicone bra is likely to make it into a fierce cover". give guidance to reading

Invisible bra, although it will eliminate the wearer's some embarrassing, but wearing improper bring a lot of health risks, for example lead to breast, skin allergies, mastitis, and so on, especially in the breast skin damage, allergic to the individual constitution. In addition, the poor quality of the invisible bra, silicone bra will increase the emergence of this situation. What's the downside of wearing a bra? Let's see it together!

A long time to wear lead to allergies

In the final analysis, silica gel is better than cotton, modal like is suitable for people of all ages of styles, for a long time (24 hours) is worn, there may can cause allergies. In fact, the approach is very simple, it is possible to shorten the time to wear silicone bra. If because there are evening activities, the need to wear Strapless backless clothes, work during the day when it is best to wear ordinary bra, prior to participate in the activities and then replaced the invisible bra.

It is worth mentioning is that there are some women like to silicone bra as pads placed in ordinary bra use this kind of breast enhancement approach is not desirable.

Two, under the conditions of high temperature wear easy to fall

Under the condition of high temperature, the chest, easy to sweating, hot, sweat can lead to a decrease in the friction between the chest and the bra, lead to the emergence of a bra off the embarrassment of the situation. While the high temperature may cause irritation, itching and other conditions of the chest.

Three, easy to skin allergies friend, should not wear silicone bra

Silica gel easily lead to allergies. This is has been said in the first, especially to the alter ego, the skin is easy to allergies friends concerned. Before wearing the invisible bra, it is best to test their own skin on the inside of the rubber allergy, if there is an allergic reaction, do not wear. Because if contact dermatitis occurs, if later wear, the skin reaction will be even more serious than the last. If you feel discomfort in the skin, should as soon as possible to the hospital, ask the doctor symptomatic medication, do not casually medication, lest bungle illness.

In addition, the chest has a wound as well as breast feeding period of women, it is not suitable for wearing silicone bra.

In order to avoid the situation caused by allergies, it is recommended that you buy silicone bra, be sure to recognize the brand. In fact, at home for the management of silicone bra is not very perfect, the market some of the inferior quality of the invisible bra are often cut corners in the silicone material, has the certain poisonous side effect to body. Invisible bra quality is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, therefore, must choose to buy a brand of large enterprise products.

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