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How to choose silicone bra? Will it be easy to fall off?
Date:2015/12/30 18:00:58     author:    visits  Read Guo Benwen

The following situations are not suitable for women wearing invisible bra: first, when the skin is injured, the infection, sunburn, do not use; if the skin during the use of abnormal, should immediately stop using. Two, is in the lactation period of women is best not to use. Three, use perfume, powder or any skin care products in the chest skin, can not wear. Four, a long time to stay in a high temperature environment, but also try not to wear invisible bra.

In addition, invisible bra also has a certain health risks. Because of its special texture and wearing methods, such as wearing a mistake can easily lead to such as prickly heat, eczema, contact dermatitis and other skin diseases, cause harm to the body. Due on sale in the market, the invisible bra is generally made of silica gel material, silicon gel more closely, airtight, belong to the nature of the entity and many invisible bras have a certain thickness, skin and very close contact, so the body's sweat cannot easily volatile, resulting in local skin temperature is higher, for a long time been sweat soaked to the skin prone to redness, itching feeling, easy to generate eczema or prickly heat and other skin diseases. Suggested that the ladies wear contact bra before, it is best to try their own skin on the inside of the silicone allergy, if there is an allergic reaction, it should be replaced in time, do not wear a. Women with a wound in the chest must also use the invisible bra after the wound is fully recovered, otherwise it will cause the bacteria to grow and cause the wound to be infected. If the skin feels unwell, should as soon as possible to the hospital, ask the doctor symptomatic medication, do not casually medication, lest bungle illness.

Although invisible bra can eliminate some embarrassment, convenient hot weather dress, but not for long-term wear, with only the best in Dai Putong bra is not convenient to wear bra, and the wearing time is reduced as far as possible. Some female friends to use after the reflection, because there is no shoulder strap and buckle, always worried about invisible bra will fall, resulting in a lot of psychological burden, so that they are not confident, pressure increases, but not as good as ordinary bra.

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