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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the wedding photo wearing silicone underwear and the cleaning method
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A lot of new people when to shoot the wedding dress to can more perfect, will choose silicone underwear to achieve invisible underwear effect. The wedding wear underwear silica gel, OK? The following we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of underwear silica gel, and the cleaning and maintenance methods.

Wedding photos to wear silicone underwear: what is the silicone underwear?

Silicone underwear is also known as the invisible underwear, first of all lies in the visual effect of the invisible. It is made of high quality silica gel, the material is thin, color close to skin color, so even in the summer to wear light colored light clothes, also not easy perspective to borrow. Secondly is the design of the hidden style. Silicone underwear chest with and without side belt design that women do not have to be lingerie straps and side with bundled, suitable for use in wearing a backless and strapless leisure clothing and dress, especially by the respected professional models and some of the women is trendy, there is during the filming of wedding.

Wedding photo wearing silicone underwear: advantages and disadvantages analysis


The underwear silica gel with imported silica gel material, through the allergy, safety testing, said invisible underwear safety issues have been a greater assurance. Today, whether it is the T-stage models, or avant-garde girl, especially take some ready to shoot the wedding quasi ladies are preempted by wearing underwear silica gel. Underwear silica gel advocated the to the new concept of female breast "relaxed", indeed, as those of the beautiful and comfortable ladies in the pursuit of the same provides a new choice. And the ever popular chest compared to silicone underwear to shaping.


But underwear silica gel of permeability, it is not suitable for wearing for a long period of time, the longest wearing time should not be more than 6 hours. Moreover, due to the adhesion of poor quality reasons or skin in excessive sweating, dressed in a long time, part of the underwear silica gel will emerge from the surface of the skin. Due to the special nature of the product, used a number of times and each time you use before and after the clean degree will influence love underwear silica gel degree of adhesion and the service life of the, so we must update underwear according to the actual situation.

Wedding photo wearing silicone underwear: cleaning methods

1, after each use silicone underwear, you must use warm water and a little soap or shower gel to clean their every side. Do not use washing powder, or will damage the silica gel.

2, can not be used to clean the nail in the inner layer, to avoid viscose rupture.

3, do not use washing machines or brushes and any cleaning agent, so as not to cause permanent damage to the viscose. After cleaning please get rid of too much water and put air dry on the original tray. Air dried into the plastic box can be stored, so as to avoid dust.

4, to be dried in the shade, not in the sun, otherwise it will damage the layer.

Wedding photo wearing silicone underwear: maintenance method (1-3)

One: clean. The body will be clean and adhesive contact, wipe lotion, perfume or sweat, making the part dry.

Two: wear. The cup turned inside, from the breast below to determine the appropriate position of the cup (cup should be the shape of V). With a hand will roll over the edges of the cups placed below the breast, then nudge cup from down to up, it was fixed in the right position. If you want to make the cup a plump, use invisible bra pad.

Three: skills. Such as the feeling of cup fixed position and the right angle, gently squeeze the cup to close to the breast. Fixed another cup, two cups in the horizontal plane, ensure the position and angle is the same. If the cup just close to the chest line, the chest can be natural, full of charming bosom curve. Do not have covered the entire breast cup.

Wedding photo wearing silicone underwear: maintenance method (4-6)

Four: fasten. Invisible bra buckle connection mode and the same as the other bra. In order to present a fascinating milk Po, I suggest you will cover is arranged on the outer edge of the breast and then buckle.

Five: adjustment. Put the cup position and fasten, both hands hold the cup to close to the breast and gently push the fixed. If you can not want the chest curve, take off the cup to wear. If the retry times is still not up to the ideal effect, should wipe off the water to the chest.

Six: under the solution. To unlock the bra clasp, from top to bottom gently gradually pulled open cup, after taking the cup if adhesive residue on the skin, with a soft towel or cloth to wipe can.

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